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幸运飞艇玩法技巧:Focus on Focus: The stock index reverts back to “2 times” Now is the panic or the greed?

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内容摘要: Spotlight stock indexback "2 times" how much the probability of a rebound? Institutions believe that 7_89456_11_65_473_9 Looking ...


stock index back "2 times" how much the probability of a rebound? Institutions believe that 7_89456_11_65_473_9

Looking back at the history of the A-shares, since the second half of 2006, China’s economic growth continued to accelerate, and A-shares ushered in a true super bull market. The Shanghai Stock Index rushed to 3000 points for the first time on February 16, 2007. On October 16, 2007, it rushed to 6124 points. Then the market opened the limit down mode, and fell below 3000 points for the first time on June 12, 2008, and went all the way down to 1664 points.

At the end of 2008, in order to hedge against the negative impact of the US subprime mortgage crisis, the government launched a “four trillion” stimulus plan and cut interest rates successively. The Shanghai Composite Index has rebounded strongly since November 2008, rising to 3478 points in a row, it has lost ground and fell to 3,000 points for the second time on August 17, 2009.

In the second half of 2014, after the long-term silence of the A-share market, market sentiment began to turmoil, and the Shanghai Composite Index quickly rushed to 5178 points. Subsequently, under the supervision of the supervision of the impact of off-balance-sheet financing, the market turned around and caused stocks to fall as a result of leveraging. The Shanghai Composite Index fell below 3000 points on August 25, 2015, but then gradually stabilized in the rescue of the national team.

At the beginning of 2016, triggered by the melting mechanism, the A-share market fell again and opened the "stock disaster 2.0" model. The stock index fell below 3000 points for the fourth time on January 13, 2016. The plunge of the market, Wells Fargo Fund believes that on the one hand, the previous adjustment is not in place, there is a need to retreat; on the other hand, it is intended to stabilize the market's fuse mechanism, but triggered a market liquidity crisis.

For the past 4 breaks below 3,000, the overall performance of the stock index continued to fall for the short term, and stabilized during the medium term and regained its uptrend. Specifically, the Shanghai Composite Index continued to fall for the first month after breaking 3,000 points four times. In the early 2016 period, it fell by 8.58%.

From the perspective of March, except for the one in 2008, the latter three were all up, and in 2015 it was up 12.65%.


Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data

addition, the current stock index trades at 13.15 times, while in 2638 the day hit a point (27 January 2016), the main stock index trades at 13.13 times. In other words, the current valuation of the stock index has returned to the level of the fuse. Click here to view detailed \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt;

after the main stock index fell below 3,000 points 3 large positive signal has now now the panic or the greedy

A shares of the three major indexes June 19 significant adjustment, but it is worth noting that, with the With the falling stock index, positive signals in the market have gradually emerged.

First of all, Haitong’s strategy believes that from the perspective of the medium to long-term perspective, A shares have already entered a reasonable valuation area. From PE / PB point of view, the recent all A-share PE of 17.0 times, and in January 2016 27 2638 point to 17.7 times; the current PB is 1.74 times, and in January 2016 27 2638 point to 1.83 times.

Secondly, the mid-2018 "exam" is approaching, more than 1,000 listed companies in advance "warm up", to disclose results notice, of which nearly Qicheng companies reporting good news. According Oriental Fortune Choice statistics, as of June 18, 1123 a total of Shanghai and Shenzhen listed companies to disclose the 2018 interim results notice. Among them, the type of profit warning for the pre-growth, continued earnings, a slight increase, losses total 777 companies, accounting for up to 69.18%. Specifically, the number of companies corresponding to slight increase, pre-increase, renewal, and turnaround is 335, 229, 170, and 44 respectively.

In addition, the recent A-share market is frequently exposed to risk of equity pledges. As the stock market continues to slump, some listed company stocks suddenly “interrupted” and the share price quickly fell. However, from another point of view, the risk of continuous fall-off caused by the explosion of the warehouse gradually released, after the recent sharp sell-off, the potential explosion of stockpile "mines" gradually being ruled out. In general, the market has entered an irrational stage of slumping, and the oversold on the technical side is serious. After the short sell-off has been fully vented by bad news, Haitong’s strategy is that short-term oversold bounce will come at any time. Judging from historical trends, the market often comes in desperation. When the market forms a consistent pessimistic expectation, the index is also approaching the bottom of history.

this new rich capital, told reporters that, as of June 19 closing, A-share PE, PB, respectively 16.2 times and 1.73 times, while the main stock index has been significantly lower than the 2638 point 17.7 times PE and 1.83 times PB. From a valuation point of view, the market has a certain margin of safety, but the market still has many interference factors, such as debt default, equity pledge, and mid-year liquidity, which may affect market sentiment. From the previous debt default event to the recent stockpile situation, these "dark thunders" have basically been exposed, indicating the determination of the regulatory level to leverage. Large stockholders have a large pledge, and stocks that are not supported by high stock prices may have relatively large risks. And for the stocks with good fundamentals but being wrongly killed, it is an opportunity instead. Click here to view detailed \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt;

-based City News

the past three years 3000 big reincarnation partial stock-based gold average yield over 22%

from Shanghai Composite Index trend, the first half of 2015, the market walk Niu, and after the end of June, the market has undergone abrupt changes in the style of the market, and there has been a large degree of shock. On August 27, 2015, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3085.59 points, starting a small rebound from September to the end of the year; "Afterwards, we began a shocking uptrend, which lasted until January this year. Then we began to oscillate again. It can be said that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has risen and dwindled around 3000 points in the past two years.

In this process, active equity funds performed well. The data show that since August 27, 2015, as of last Friday, there were 1,191 active partial public offering funds (including ordinary stocks, partial stocks mixed , flexible stocks and balanced hybrid funds. , each type calculates separately, and the classification only counts the mother fund, netting out the abnormal fund). There are 1,016 funds that receive different degrees of positive income, accounting for more than 85%, which also means that only less than 15% of the funds have losses. It is worth mentioning that there are 36 fund net worth growth rate of more than 80%. Click here to view detailed \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt;

millet delayed release CDR strategic placement of funds how to do?

Xiaomi Group delayed the issuance of CDR. The question that ordinary investors are more concerned about is how to deal with the “CDR Fund” that has just been closed. Generally speaking, "CDR Funds" refers to the 6 strategic placement funds of Huaxia, Huitianfu, Harvest, South, E Fund, Merchants, etc. fund company . In fact, there is a misunderstanding here.

First of all, the important investment targets of these 6 strategic placement funds include CDRs, but not all CDRs. From the prospectus, it can be seen that the six funds mainly adopt two strategies of strategic placement and fixed income during the three-year closed period. Among them, the strategic allotment focuses on CDR and new economic IPO, and the fixed income is mainly bond investment.

Therefore, it is inaccurate to simply refer to strategic placement funds as "CDR funds". Calling them "Unicorn Funds" is more inappropriate and misleading. There are no CDRs in the short term, and there are other configurable assets, such as strategic allotment of new economic IPOs and fixed income investments. In other words, the postponement of CDR's issuance of Xiaomi Group will only affect the timing of the allocation of CDRs by the six strategic allocation funds, and will not materially affect the operation of the fund. Click here to view detailed \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt;

Daily Lesson

scheduled to vote : this is a good way back from a loss making investment in

everyone pursuit of "buy low and sell high", but rarely Someone can grasp the best point of sale profit. The most important reason is that ordinary investors often fall into the blind spot of “chasing high and killing low” when investing, and thus fall into a pessimistic atmosphere when market conditions are in the doldrums; similarly, when the broader market index is at a high level, it loses its rational judgment. , chasing high approach. Although we all know that we cannot blindly chase and sell, we often find it difficult to overcome this kind of human weakness. Through fixed investment, passive investment in passive self-discipline can be achieved passively. Although investment is not scheduled, it can dilute investment costs, smooth investment risks, and increase the probability of making money. Click here to view detailed \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt;

blue-chip fund

the phone can buy a fund account, click here to download immediately 7_89456_148_ Thailand certificate 65473_9 national food and beverage industry index rating
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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-06-19





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